Who are we? Pioneers;Innovators

About us

Tubular Systems Limited is a new British tech start-up company based in Essex.

Our Tubular Systems are developed with a set of innovative features to lead a new generation of automated kiosks. We design, develop and manufacture our machines in the UK with trusted suppliers including owning all intellectual property design rights around the world. We can ensure that your customers will have a high-quality automated experience when using our systems.

Eureka Moment

At Tubular we have a passion for technology and there is nothing better than to utilise technology and to put it to good use. The idea of the Tubular charity kiosk came about when one day the founder of Tubular was travelling on the London underground and happened to hear the sounds of a harp being played so beautifully in the distance. As the founder got closer he could see the harp was being played by a registered transport for London busker and was compelled to give a little something. Unfortunately, at the time he had no cash and was only carrying credit and debit cards alongside his apple pay device. That was the eureka moment. Did charities suffer with the same issue of not being able to accept card payments and missing out on extra funds being donated?

From then on the founder went to work designing and developing a kiosk that would be very contemporary yet compact. Not only accepting card payments but a system that would give charities such brand awareness though the power of its light box and touch screen system.

This is the story so far…

TTE Disrupt Awards Finalists

Tubular Systems Ltd attended the Travel Technology Europe Show 2018  and became shortlisted for the technology disrupt awards . Read more…

RBTE Technology Innovation Shortlisted

Tubular Systems Ltd attended the Retail Business Expo Show 2017 and became shortlisted for the technology innovation award. Read more…

Member of ACID

Tubular Systems Ltd is a member of and supports the work of ACID (Anti Copying in Design). All the intellectual property rights in our designs and in the images are and will remain the property of Tubular Systems Ltd. Any infringements will be taken seriously. www.acid.uk.com