Who are we? Pioneers;Innovators

About us

Tubular Systems Limited is a new British tech start-up company based in Essex.

Our Tubular Systems are developed with a set of innovative features to lead a new generation of compact SIM card vending machines. We design, develop and manufacture our machines in the UK with trusted suppliers including owning all intellectual property design rights around the world. We can ensure that your customers will have a high-quality automated experience when using our SIM card vending application.


The vending industry has not changed since the early 1880s, with the launch of the world’s first traditional box vending machines. Vending has never had a unique design and has always been cuboid; that’s until now.

Vending has never been compact, and we’ve decided to sell specific products in each machine. Vending machines have always been big and bulky and don’t fit well in today’s retail environment. With a compact tubular system, we can place the machines in environments that were not possible before. A common problem before was locating spaces for conventional sized vending applications.

Our goal is to stop roaming charges for tourists entering the UK. We sell Local SIM Cards that enable customers to get online straight away. We sell hassle free SIM cards that are preloaded and ready to go.

We want to bring a sense of creativity and fun; we can offer a customisation service so our machine fits in with your space.

Member of ACID

Tubular Systems Ltd is a member of and supports the work of ACID (Anti Copying in Design). All the intellectual property rights in our designs and in the images are and will remain the property of Tubular Systems Ltd. Any infringements will be taken seriously www.acid.uk.com