At Tubular Systems we are very proud to design and develop our own products. In this blog post, I will be sharing some behind the scenes information.

Tubular Systems Ltd is a family run business with a plan to revolutionise the self-service and charity sectors by creating innovative self-service units.

Designing and Manufacturing

Let’s start with the Tubular System design. During Summer 2016, Father and Son team Kevin and Jack created the original designs for a tubular self-service kiosk that could be adapted for many different applications such as Charity Donations and SIM Card Dispensing.

The Tubular System is designed to be bold and striking in appearance with a small footprint. The unit can be placed in 5-star hotels, airports, retail shops and places of worship. It can fit in any environment.

Branded Tubular System dispensing SIM Cards located in Vodafone’s Flagship store Oxford Street, London.

Producing the award-winning tubular shape isn’t the easiest of tasks to manufacture. The shell is made from mild steel and requires talented metal fabricators to produce the shape. The Tubular System unit is created in three stages, the stand, cabinet and light-box. The modular design gives clients flexible options if they don’t require the stand. Using mild steel ensures strength and durability to the exterior, it can definitely cope with knocks and bumps.

Image showing a Tubular System located in Church accepting contactless, chip and swipe donations.

We believe in helping local companies to produce our products, our metal fabrication manufacturing takes place in Northfleet, Kent. As a small startup business, it’s very important to source locally.

Image of the Tubular System Stand fresh out the powder coating oven! If you look to the background you can see the light-box and cabinet ready to be assembled. The stand weight is 46.35 kg and is built to last a lifetime.

Software and User Experience Design

Not only is the Tubular System about its physical appearance but it needs to function and work every time. It has to be reliable and simple to use. We have taken extra steps to incorporate feedback from existing clients to make our Charity Kiosk user-friendly and easy to use.

As of writing this post we’re currently running on a new “version 2” update for both the Junior Fundraiser and Tubular Charity Kiosk . This was a huge update as we started from zero to re-develop the way our existing card reader connected to our front-end onscreen display.

One of the new major features for the charity kiosk software was removing the external physical “Start” press button that was placed on the card reader. Now all user control takes places on the touchscreen.

The GIF below shows the current working UI for selecting donations. This is a screen recording with a mouse pointer showing you where we’re touching. The charity can set pre-selected donations from £3 to £30 and colours and cause text can be changed. — View the YouTube demonstration

Animated GIF showing you how to select donation amounts. (The pixel dots is because of the GIF animation file).