The worlds first compact card dispenser kiosk

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Card Dispenser System

Designed and built in the UK
Dispense up to 100 x "credit card" sized plastic cards (Can be extended)
Includes touchscreen and customisable display graphics with USB
Fabricated from metal steel
Built in SIM Card, requires only a power socket
Accepts debit/credit cards, contactless and swipe

Designed for a unique expierence

Tubular kiosks have been created around a singular vision: No more will the world of vending and automation have a bad name for being bulky and boring. Our vision is to bring beautiful and intuitive designs with practical functionality to the world. With an iconic design, customers will feel safe that their product will dispense every time without fail.

Telemetry Solution

Kiosks come with the option of live telemetry reporting. This means you can view sales, power downs and monitor your stock levels 24/7.

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