An elegant eye-catching donation kiosk fits beautifully into many surroundings including Churches.

A recent example of this is when, St Mary’s & Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church in London, contacted Tubular System Ltd expressing an interest in contactless donations to assist with their fundraising campaign. Tubular’s cashless payment kiosk is enabling the digital version of a collection plate/box and we are very proud knowing that their British designed and manufactured kiosk is helping to generate donations for good causes.

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Tubular’s Charity Kiosk accepting contactless, chip and swipe donations.

Tubular Systems Ltd is supporting Borderline with contactless donations.

We would like to thank ScotsHouse for putting on a fantastic Burns Night. We all enjoyed the haggis, neeps, and tatties severed with whisky and wine. Thank you to everyone who donated to Borderline with Tubular Charity Kiosk.

Watch the video to see the event.

Welcome to the future of fundraising!

Tubular Systems is launching their brand new kiosk to assist charities and the non-profit sector with a new way to collect donations. This includes a payment reader, touchscreen and design to make your organisations stand out.

The world is changing; more people are carrying debit, credit cards, and contactless devices, this has resulted in the decline of people carrying cash. This is where our new system comes into action; you can have multiple donation prices including information detailing your organisation on the touchscreen.

At Tubular Systems Ltd we have worked hard to deliver a simple and practical fundraising solution. Our products offer a unique customer experiences that include a brand new way to donate that is easy and hassle-free. Donators will not feel pressured at all, we are offering them a simple and secure way to ensure their donations reach your organisation.

Tubular Systems has made it to the RBTE 2017 trail & awards shortlist 2017!!

The entries were reviewed by an independent judging panel of experts which included:

Marcel Borlin, CTO of Carpetright.

Jason Cook,  head of IT at Neal’s Yard Remedies.

Kash Ghedia, head of technology at Dixons Carphone.

Keiron Smith, digital director at Blackwells and Ian Woosey.

CIO at Brakes, as well as consultant, Chris Hughes and managing partner of RSR Research, Brian Kilcourse.

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Tubular Systems is heading to RBTE 2017, Europe’s BIGGEST, BEST and FASTEST GROWING annual event for retail and hospitality!

Taking place 8-9th May 2017 at Olympia, London. The event will allow us to show the world our brand new unique Tubular SIM card kiosk machines in free standing and countertop mode.

We will be sharing our latest innovation at RBTE. We will also be launching our brand new Qi charging platform!

Visit our stand 263 at The Retail Business Technology Expo 2017 Olympia London. We will be able to demonstrate how the machine operates.

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Tubular Systems SIM Card Vending Machines + Mobile Phone Charging Powered By AirCharge.

Tubular Systems is introducing a brand new concept that can be modified or attached to existing Tubular SIM card vending machines with a simple bolt-on attachment. Using aircharge’s technology we allow complementary charging for customers or guests. They can simply place their phone onto the Qi plate for wireless charging or use the Qi extender for phones that do not support Qi charging.

Qi is a new technology that allows wireless charging for smartphone devices. Not all phones have built in Qi support. The majority of android phones are supported but sadly iPhones do not have this function yet. This is not a problem as we include Qi adapter that supports iPhone lighting, USB C and MicroUSB cables.

aircharge have included us to their mobile app so you can easily find us on the GPS map. Their app works on both ios and android and can be installed free of charge. Download here…

If you would like to own a charging system, SIM card vending kiosk or both please contact us. We will be adding more platforms to the Tubular design to offer more charging platforms. During RBTE we will be showing off the concept with one charging platform equipped to the machine.


We have been featured on University Business online website! To view the full article click here…

Tubular SIM Card Vending machine is ideal for students who needs to grab a preloaded SIM while studying in the UK or abroad. Students can get connected with our preloaded SIMs and be able to contact family and friends super fast and it’s easy!! Simply insert one of our SIM cards into an unlocked mobile device and students will be connected straight away.

If you would like more details regarding housing a Tubular SIM Card Vending machine then please contact us via email.



We have been featured on Planet Vending online website! To view the full article click here…

SIM Card Vending machine is ideal for anyone who needs to grab a preloaded SIM for traveling or saving costs on local data roaming charges.

If you would like more details regarding housing a Tubular SIM Card Vending machine then please contact us via email.



We have been featured on the Hotel Business Magzine online website! To view the full article click here…

SIM Card Vending machines enables your guests to get online while in the UK!

If you would like more details regarding housing a Tubular SIM Card Vending machine then please contact us via email.







Brand new packaging for the Tubular System compact Vending machines allows the entire machine to be transported with ease.

The machine will be packaged into two different crates. One for the light top box + payment cabinet and second for the stand. The machine will be protected with foam padding to ensure any bumps or shakes are stopped.

Both transport crates allow the machines to be transported without fear of damage. The crates have been designed to allow installation and transport of the machines to be super easy.


Users of Google’s Android Pay app have a chance to win virtual Christmas crackers that could contain prizes each time they make a payment!

This is good news as all of our Tubular System vending machines accept contactless payment. Every time you make a purchase using Android Pay app you will have the chance to win prizes! View the full terms and conditions over on this link here…

To locate a Tubular System machines check this link here…

We sell preloaded SIM CARDS for UK travelers! This SIM will last up to 30 days and you will receive 12GB data, 3000 UK texts and 300 UK Calls. Travelers can then use their 12GB data in up to 42 different countries! Click here… to see the list of countries. If you can’t get to a machine you can purchase the SIM for £20 through our site using PayPal.

The competition will close towards the end of this year. You have the chance to win some little and huge prizes! There are over 100,000 prizes!!

“You could instantly win cinema tickets or gift cards up to £500.* Each of your first 5 purchases also earns a coin. Collect all five for a free Costa coffee, up to £3.*” (Quoted from their website).

Android pay is an alternative to Apple Pay, which works on iPhone devices.  Android pay was launched in the UK in May, 2016.


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