Buying a local SIM Card UK

We know when travelling abroad can be daunting, especially when your smartphone is disabled because of expensive roaming charges.

Soon we will have compact vending machines throughout the UK  that sells local sim cards.

Why buy a local SIM from us? Airports and train stations will sell SIMS at higher prices to target travellers coming into the UK. The £20 Three SIM card bundle we sell are already being sold at UK airports for £35! That’s 75% more!! Don’t be fooled when buying over priced SIM cards.

You might be thinking that £20 for a SIM card for a week is a waste of time and money. The Three 20 bundle will allow you to use 12GB abroad!! The package will work in up to 42 countries known as the “feel at home destinations“. This is a huge plus, for example, if  you are staying in London and going to Paris and then Barcelona IT WORKS! For £20 the 12GB, it’s a no brainer!

We’ve had friends that have told us about how this SIM saved them money rather than using expensive hotel wifi, and most likely with the 3G/4G coverage it can even be faster.

Google maps, Uber and other mobile applications that need data is an absolute life saver if you get lost or looking for local restaurants. You can save time and money by simply getting around cities and areas while connected online.

Automated vending allows customers to quickly have access to a local SIM card in seconds. You don’t need to talk to anyone and translation screens are included on each Tubular System for additional help.

Travellers still don’t roam when they travel internationally – it’s still too expensive to call, text or use data. We have seen friends and family that have gone abroad and forgot to switch their roaming off and resulted in expensive charges. This is why it’s important to buy a local SIM card.

What SIM do we recommend?

We sell the Threthreee all in one 20 bundle. It’s simple, no APN settings needed, pop in and get online! The SIM activates in a few seconds once placed into the phone. The sim costs £20 for 30 days, includes 12GB of data that will work 42 countries straight away!! The only negative is the 3000 texts and 300 calls as they are for UK numbers only (When abroad you are able to call back to UK numbers with no extra costs). We know that the 12GB data and 42 countries will enable you to communicate using apps such as iMessenger/Facetime, WhatsApp, Facebook and more!

This SIM comes as a “trio SIM” meaning you can pop out the correct size to fit your phone, trio_sim_no_shadowfor example, standard, micro and nano Sims. If you don’t know what spec sim you have it’s worth looking up your phone model online to find this information. Check the picture TRIO SIM for an example of how each SIM pops out. Please note your phone will probably need a little pin to eject the SIM tray (this is not supplied from us and you take full responsibility in inserting a new SIM Card). Make sure not to loose your original SIM and put it in a safe place.

What about coverage compared to other networks?

Three have 97% of the UK covered with 3G. Their 4G is still rolling out however they have most key sites of the UK covered such as London. You can check their map that’s updated every 30 minutes to check coverage. Click me…

We’ve had many happy customers that have purchased the Three 20 bundle from us. Many have purchased the SIM multiple times when coming back to the UK! We’ve not had any negative feedback from customers using this product. It’s becoming an essential must have for all travellers wanting to enjoy their stay not only in the UK but through their travels in the other 42 countries!

What are Tubular Systems?? touch_language

Tubular Systems are compact vending machines that will soon be located throughout the UK! Our goal is to push our machines into retail environments found at airports, train stations and even hotels. It’s important that travellers have a simple solution when buying local SIM cards as they’re not easily found throughout major cities like London!

With an automated solution, travellers can approach our machines with confidence. A touch screen display will cycle information about the machine. An information button with the option to show a translated page about the product enables the traveller to know exactly what they are buying.

The machines DON’T accept cash. We use the latest credit/debit and contactless payment solution! This takes away any risk for note jamming and speeds up the entire process when purchasing a SIM card from our machine.







We want to bring the option to our clients to customise their Tubular Systems. A unique wrap that’s applied around the stand, cabinet and door.  The top box can also be customised too! We can also powder coat each system made to order.

Branding will allow each Tubular System to be unique. Your customers will instantly see the machine in your store and enjoy the automated customer experience. Customer experience is important, keeping customers happy will ensure they come back for more.

Our primary focus is to dispense pre-loaded SIM Cards. These SIM cards will be “ready to go” meaning your customer does not need any help from your staff. The customer will simply “pop their sim in” and as long their mobile smartphone is unlocked the SIM will activate, allowing the customer to get online straight away!

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