A kiosk with a big heart

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Tubular's Charity Kiosk

Designed and built in the UK
Accepts debit/credit cards, contactless and swipe.
Includes touchscreen and customisable display graphics with USB
Fabricated from metal steel
Built in SIM Card, requires only a power socket
Can be removed from the stand
Can have custom donation amounts e.g £5, £10 and £15

A Member of the team

The Tubular Charity Kiosk is not only a platform for charities to fundraise. It has become apart of the team to help raise awarness and much needed donations for great causes.
Your 24/7 donation point that can not only accept contactless donations but credit/debit cards including swipe.

Telemetry Solution

Kiosks come with the option of live telemetry reporting. This means you can view donations and powerdowns 24/7.

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