What is Gift Aid?

GiftAid is a tax incentive that enables registered charities to reclaim tax on donations made by a UK taxpayer. Charities can claim up to 25% more on their donations with GiftAid. An extra 25p for every £1 donated!

How does Gift Aid work?

For a charity to claim Gift Aid on your donation you need to make a Gift Aid Declaration (GAD), this will confirm that you are a UK taxpayer, allowing the charity to claim Gift Aid on your donation. For a basic-rate taxpayer, your donation will be worth 25% more.

Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme (GASDS)

GASDS (Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme) offers GiftAid on small cash or contactless donations if eligible up to £30. A total £2,000 can be claimed on gross donations of £8,000. –See Gov UK GASDS Many of our clients exceed this limit resulting in loss of GiftAid on donations made through our donation systems.

How do you claim Gift Aid on our Donation Systems?

Currently, we’re running trials with our new Gift Aid feature, we would very much be open to your feedback! If you decide to enable Gift Aid on your donation system the donator will see a “Gift Aid Your Donation” button. When pushed the donator will be guided through what Gift Aid is and then asked to enter in their information. See the video below.