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Who are Tubular Systems Ltd?

Tubular Systems Limited is a new British tech start-up company based in Essex.

Our Tubular Systems are developed with a set of innovative features to lead a new generation of compact SIM card vending machines. We design, develop and manufacture our machines in the UK with trusted suppliers including owning all intellectual property design rights around the world. We can ensure that your customers will have a high-quality automated experience when using our SIM card vending application.

Why ‘Three’ SIM card?

The ‘Three’ SIM card is one of the best SIM cards currently available within the UK and this is why?


  1. Bundled and ready to go with 3000 UK calls and Text, 5GB DATA
  2. Ease of use makes getting connected very simple indeed.
  3. No need to activate the ‘Three’ SIM card.
  4. Great product for non-speaking English customers.
  5. The only SIM card that can be used in 60 destinations.
  6. Good value.
  7. Great for both departing and arriving customers.
  8. Lasts for 30 days once inserted into the mobile phone.

What does 3000 UK calls and Texts mean?

  1. The ‘Three’ SIM card will allow the customer to make 3000 UK calls and Texts to any other UK telecom network and UK fixed landline number. This includes 0800 numbers. Some calls within the UK are not included in the bundle package such as numbers starting with 084 / 087

Will the ‘Three’ SIM card allow calling from the UK to other countries?

NO – Customers can buy extra add-on packages to allow for this facility.

Top up vouchers can be purchased from UK retailers, some ATM’s or via the ‘Three’ app or website

Does the ‘Three’ SIM card allow calls and texts back to the UK when calling within the 60 feel at home destinations?

YES – Customers can call or text back to the UK providing the ‘Three’ SIM card is being used in one of the 60 feel and home destinations. This is included in the 3000 UK calls and text.

How much will 5GB data give the customer?

As a rough guide: –

– 2 hours per day Internet browsing such as news sites, blogging and shopping.

– Receiving 50 emails per day including uploading and downloading attachments.

– 2 hours per day social media sites including Facebook or twitter.

Will the ‘Three’ SIM card work in Scotland and Northern Ireland?

YES – Current 3G coverage in the UK is reported at 97% of the UK Population.

Does the ‘Three’ SIM card work instantly when in the 60 Roam at home Destinations?

  1. YES – Providing the ‘Three’ SIM card has been inserted into the mobile phone within the UK then the ‘Three’ SIM card will work as soon as you arrive in any of the 60 Roam at home destinations.

Does the ‘Three’ SIM card work in all devices?

NO – ‘Three’ SIM cards will not work in Tablets / IPads, Dongles, laptops and MIFI devices. ‘Three’ SIM cards will only work in 3G / 4G mobile phones.

Does the ‘Three’ SIM card work in locked Mobile phones?

NO – Customers phones must be unlocked. Contract phones will be locked

therefore the ‘Three’ sim card will NOT work. Customers will need to contact their Network to get their mobile phone unlocked.

The following on screen messages will indicate if the mobile phone is locked:- ‘INSERT SIM CARD’ – ‘SIM CARD FAILURE’

Will the actual ‘Three’ SIM card fit any 3G/4G mobile phone?

YES – the ‘Three’ SIM card comes in three different sizes. Standard, Micro and Nano SIM card. Just break out the card that suits the mobile phones requirements.

Will the customer receive a new number?

YES – the new number is printed on the actual SIM card.

Should the customer turn their mobile phone off before inserting the ‘Three’ SIM card?

YES – We advise the customer to turn their mobile phone off before inserting the ‘Three’ SIM card although no damage will be caused if the mobile phone is left turned on.

Does the ‘Three’ SIM card work straight away?

YES –  It normally takes between 10 seconds – 1 minute for the ‘Three’ SIM card to connect.

The ‘Three’ SIM cards lasts for 30 days. When does the 30 days start?

As soon as the ‘Three’ SIM card is inserted into the mobile phone.

Does the ‘Three’ SIM card need activating?

NO – The ‘Three’ SIM does not need activating. It will connect to the ‘Three’ network straight away.

Does the mobile phone require any manual settings such as APN settings?

NO – The ‘Three’ SIM card will automatically set the mobile phone.

How will I know my ‘Three’ card is working?

The mobile phone that has the ‘Three’ SIM card inserted will show the ‘3’ logo and the signal symbol on the display. You can now make UK calls, send UK texts and connect to the internet.

Will the ‘Three’ 5GB data allowance work straight away when in a non UK country.

YES – Providing you are using the ‘Three’ SIM card in one of ‘Three’s’ 60 destinations’.

I can make calls and send texts but I cannot connect to the internet?

Make sure ‘DATA ROAMING’ has been turned on. This can be found in the ‘SETTINGS’ menu on the mobile phone.

How can I check my balance?

Download ‘Three’s’ app from the app store. Once downloaded then the ‘Three’ app will give access to balance enquires and other useful information.

Can I top up my ‘Three’ SIM card once my bundle package has been used?


  1. Top up vouchers can be purchase from many UK retailers including Supermarkets, Petrol Stations, Newsagents and Chemists to name but a few. Follow the instructions on your top up voucher to top up your mobile device.
  2. Some (ATM’s) cash machines allow top up. (UK resident’s only)
  3. Call 444 from your mobile device to top-up. (Credit / debit card required)
  4. When travelling abroad visit ‘Three’s’ website to top up your ‘Three’ SIM card. UK Credit/debit card required.

60 Roam at Home Destinations:

Aland Islands, Australia, Austria, Azores, Balearic Islands, Brazil, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Channel Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, French West Indies, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, Hong Kong. Hungry, Iceland, Indonesia, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Madeira, Malta, Martinique, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Republic of Ireland, Reunion, Romania, Singapore, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, US Virgin Islands, Vatican City UK and USA

Need to contact Three UK?

Customers requiring additional information about the ‘Three’ product should visit www.three.co.uk

ICE - International Currency Exchange - Oxford Circus, London

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SIM Card Specifications:

  • Three bundle and ready to go.
  • Activates when inserted into card.
  • Lasts 30 Days.
  • 5GB Data and roam in up to 71 destinations.
  • 3000 UK Calls and Texts.
  • Unlocked phone required.

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SIM Card Specifications:

  • Three bundle and ready to go.
  • Activates when inserted into card.
  • Lasts 30 Days.
  • 5GB Data and roam in up to 71 destinations.
  • 3000 UK Calls and Texts.
  • Unlocked phone required.

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