Today we are sharing with the world our latest innovation the Junior Fundraiser.

Tubular Systems Ltd is a family run business with a deep passion for developing innovative products that make a difference. We’ve spent the past few months re-developing our traditional kiosk software and hardware from scratch.

We have listened to the great feedback from Charities and have re-developed far superior technology that works for both the Junior Fundraiser and Tubular Charity Kiosk. Demonstration videos coming soon!

Some major key design features to the Junior Fundraiser is that you can upgrade. You can disconnect the door and plug it into either the Junior Fundraiser or the larger Tubular Charity Kiosk! Great for charities that plan to own a full standing unit and the junior as they can make it portable with just one door. The Junior Fundraiser can also have a built-in battery, more on that soon!

Another key feature is the touchscreen, the core of the system, and how the donator interacts with the system. With a simple user interface, the donator is guided throughout the entire donation.

Animation showing how a contactless donation works

We will be showcasing both the Junior Fundraiser and the Tubular Charity Kiosk at CRE (Christian Resource Exhibition), and we welcome you to the stand. Register for free tickets here.