Introducing Tubular’s Charity Kiosk

January 12, 2018 by Jack

Welcome to the future of fundraising!

Tubular Systems is launching their brand new kiosk to assist charities and the non-profit sector with a new way to collect donations. This includes a payment reader, touchscreen and design to make your organisations stand out.

The world is changing; more people are carrying debit, credit cards, and contactless devices, this has resulted in the decline of people carrying cash. This is where our new system comes into action; you can have multiple donation prices including information detailing your organisation on the touchscreen.

At Tubular Systems Ltd we have worked hard to deliver a simple and practical fundraising solution. Our products offer a unique customer experiences that include a brand new way to donate that is easy and hassle-free. Donators will not feel pressured at all, we are offering them a simple and secure way to ensure their donations reach your organisation.