We want to bring the option to our clients to customise their Tubular Systems. A unique wrap that’s applied around the stand, cabinet and door.  The top box can also be customised too! We can also powder coat each system made to order.

Branding will allow each Tubular System to be unique. Your customers will instantly see the machine in your store and enjoy the automated customer experience. Customer experience is important, keeping customers happy will ensure they come back for more.

Our primary focus is to dispense pre-loaded SIM Cards. These SIM cards will be “ready to go” meaning your customer does not need any help from your staff. The customer will simply “pop their sim in” and as long their mobile smartphone is unlocked the SIM will activate, allowing the customer to get online straight away!

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We are looking for locations in London to sell our UK Local Sim Cards.

Please email us for a quote:  info@tubular-systems.com 

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