We were overwhelmed with positive interest, and we thank everyone who came to visit us at the Travel Technology Europe show.

Our stand demonstrated two applications for our Tubular Systems.

The first application being the SIM card dispenser system that allows travelers to get access to a preloaded SIM card that simply just works when inserted into an unlocked smartphone. This system also included the charging pad allowing travelers to charge their mobile phone using Qi charging or standard USB and Lighting cables.

The second application is the Tubular Charity Kiosk. We were honored to have two members of the Borderline team assist us on our stand raising much-needed awareness for homeless Scotts in the capital. A huge thank you!

The Borderline UK – Tubular Charity Kiosk. Accepting contactless donations of £5, £10 and £15

Another thank you to Electromech ECS for showing interest in our stand, they were displaying mobile and tablet security holders. See their website for further information on secure display stands for mobile and tablets.