Win prizes with Android Pay!

December 8, 2016 by Jack


Users of Google’s Android Pay app have a chance to win virtual Christmas crackers that could contain prizes each time they make a payment!

This is good news as all of our Tubular System vending machines accept contactless payment. Every time you make a purchase using Android Pay app you will have the chance to win prizes! View the full terms and conditions over on this link here…

To locate a Tubular System machines check this link here…

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The competition will close towards the end of this year. You have the chance to win some little and huge prizes! There are over 100,000 prizes!!

“You could instantly win cinema tickets or gift cards up to £500.* Each of your first 5 purchases also earns a coin. Collect all five for a free Costa coffee, up to £3.*” (Quoted from their website).

Android pay is an alternative to Apple Pay, which works on iPhone devices.  Android pay was launched in the UK in May, 2016.


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